Keeping in Touch

Photo: Wim Mulder

One of the most common reasons for starting a newsletter is to keep in touch with clients, past clients, prospects, colleagues, suppliers and other contacts with the purpose of staying top of mind. I have said that this shouldn't be your only reason for having a newsletter but, in fact, sometimes that’s just what it is.

"I'm just writing to say hello..."

Here are some questions to consider:
  • Do you still have to give value to succeed at keeping in touch? Do you even need your readers to open your email to achieve that?
  • If you’re not giving value, what reason do you have for emailing?
  • How often do you need to email your contacts to stay top of mind? This might be a factor of how often your readers would need/want your product or service.

Remember, if you want someone to know you're thinking about them, a card by snail mail is more appropriate.


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