Collaboration Works

Neil Everton specializes in teaching writing skills. Of course, good writing is important to a successful newsletter, so he’s a useful person for me to know.

For 3 years I've been sharing what I've learned from Neil with my newsletter clients. That led me to ask Neil if he would collaborate with me on a lunch and learn workshop. My purpose was to give additional value to my local clients and share my enthusiasm about newsletters with whoever else might want to attend. Of course, Neil and I both wanted to increase our brand exposure and build our reputations too.

Our collaboration made the work easy. Here’s why:
  • Neil and I share a common philosophy when it comes to newsletter writing.
  • We shared the workload and each did the work we’re good at.
  • We were able to maximize our exposure through our combined mailing lists and social media contacts. Within a few days of announcing the workshop, we were full up with a dozen people on the waitlist.
Neil prepared and delivered a “precise and very informative presentation” (direct quote from participant). I basked in his glory.

Was it successful? Here’s my take on it:
  • We provided great value to those who attended by sharing our expertise.
  • We met new people and exposed them to our brands and philosophies.
  • We each increased our newsletter mailing lists.
  • We received testimonials.
  • We’re seen as collaborators and plugged into the local small business community.
  • I've gained a new newsletter client.
  • We had a blast!
With all those results, I’d say it was a success... and a testament to the benefits of collaboration.

PS: If you missed the lunch and learn, you’ll learn a lot by reading Neil’s free 30-page white paper, Tighter, Brighter Writing (pdf file).

Originally published in Work Better, Not Harder, April 24, 2013


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