The Point of Sale Advantage

If your customers and clients come to you, you have a big advantage over the rest of us when it comes to growing your contact list. Here are some suggestions that you can adapt to your specific situation.

Put a large jar with a sign on the check-out or reception desk:
WIN a FREE lunch! To enter our monthly draw, drop your business card to subscribe to our email specials.

How easy is that as a way to grow your contact list?

Run a contest among your staff. Offer a free service, product or time off for the one who signs up the most new contacts.

Place paper copies of your newsletter or email flyer at reception, check-out, waiting areas, dressing rooms... you get the idea.

Have a computer handy so contact information can be entered on the spot or soon after. Contact information sitting in a drawer wrapped in elastic bands is lost opportunity!

You’ll lose about 30% of your subscribers during a year (called ‘list churn’). You need to continually work just to maintain your list. Continued growth requires some effort.


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