Resist the Impulse

Every day I’m faced with opportunities to offer a deal. I receive calls asking me to invest in print ads. I can easily tweet a deal or insert it in our newsletter. I can offer an added bonus. I can low-ball requests for quotes. It would be like standing up and waving my arms and yelling, “Look over here. Have I got a deal for you!”

It would be so easy to do. Every day I resist the impulse.

Easy is not always better.

A recent article by Bernadette Jiwa at The Story of Telling reminded me why. Take a minute to read it. It’s short, I promise. You need to remember why, too, and she’s a much better writer than I am.

The ending is perfect: “…build your brand around being chosen on purpose.”

Photo: elvissa / Flickr


  1. Good one!
    And those chips' packets in the picture made me hungry.


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