Best Reading of 2012

We took a vote to pick the best article from our newsletters for each month of the past year. Since there are two of us, it's a good thing that we agree a lot. We also decided to disqualify our own articles because the voting got awkward. Here it is:

The Best Ideas and Tips for Busy Business Owners 2012
from the archives of Work Better, Not Harder

9 Reasons to Blog by Janet Slack

Stabilize an Unstable Income by Stephanie Holmes-Winton

Don't Let Technology Stifle Your Message by Halina St. James

Why You Need to Monitor Social Media by Anita Hovey

Are You Trusted? by Lea Brovedani

4 Tips to Enhance Your Next Presentation by Neil Everton

The Medium is the Message by Cara Lynn Garvock

Vacation Messages - It's Ugly Out There! by Mary Jane Copps

50 Shades of Grey by Melanie Orr

Optimize Your Financial Relationships by Wendy Brookhouse

Take Your Lunch Break! by Brenda Klarer

Secret Formula for Crafting Your Marketing Message by Debi Hartlen MacDonald

You can get on this list for next year! We're always looking for article contributions - see the rules on our subscribe page.


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