October 1, 2012

Is Your Facebook Business Page Public?

Update November 8, 2015 - The instructions in this blog post are out of date.

It goes without saying that if you have a Facebook business page you want the public to be able to see it. Making sure your individual posts have security set at public is just one layer of FB security. Did you know you could restrict viewers by country? If you do this, it means that clients who are not FB users, cannot see your page. In order for those not on FB to see your page, there can be no country restrictions. If you have country restrictions, FB requires users to login before your page is visible because FB needs to know what country the user is in... and the only way it knows that is if the user is logged in.

If your page has no country restrictions, those not on FB will still see your page with the FB sign up/login window on top of it like this...

They will be able to view all of the content you have on your business page and the FB login window stays on the cover so it does not obstruct their reading of your posts.

To change this setting:

  • login to your facebook business page
  • from the top menu click the Edit Page drop down menu
  • select manage permissions
  • the second item is country restrictions, delete any countries listed so that option is blank

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