Amplify Your Message

Add social media to your email marketing strategy for a broader reach. It may not be obvious which strategies will work best for you but, if you take the time to work through these questions, you will be closer to figuring it out.
  1. If I ask my readers to like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter, do I have a suitable presence? What are readers expecting?
  2. Is my newsletter content worthy of sharing? Even if I make it easy to share, will readers want to share it? Why?
    • If my content is share-worthy, what benefit do I get? How can I measure it?
    • What kind of content will give value to readers, encourage sharing, and give benefit to me through sharing?
  3. What is my primary call to action? Asking readers to share… or something else? Do sharing tools draw attention away from other important calls to action?
  4. Am I simply switching people from one channel to another, if I use email to encourage people to follow me on Twitter, read my blog, or become a Facebook fan? Am I creating extra contact points that have value?
    • Is an email subscriber more or less valuable to me than a Facebook fan or a Twitter follower or a blog reader?
    • Does that even matter to me? Is offering more communication choices the way to ensure ongoing attention and loyalty?
    • How do I design my email and social media presence so that it works for those who get all of it and for those reading only one channel?
Maybe you don’t know all the answers yet. Take the time to find out.
It will be worth it to know that your efforts are successful or what you can do to make them that way. Here is a worksheet that you can use to strategize.


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