Top 10 Strategic Benefits of an eNewsletter

Is email marketing an untapped component of your marketing strategy? Here’s what an eNewsletter can do for you. It can...

  1. Enhance your reputation.
  2. Increase lead generation.
  3. Provide invaluable information about who is interested in what, so you can follow up with contacts in a more strategic way.
  4. Be a very cost-effective communication channel with your clients, customers, colleagues and prospects.
  5. Quickly identify obsolete contact information, so you know to re-connect to get an update.
  6. Leverage your other marketing efforts: website, social media, blog, etc.
  7. Provide immediate measurable results.
  8. Give your contacts the opportunity to easily and immediately interact with you.
  9. Provide a higher response rate because it is being sent to a receptive audience.
  10. Be more cost-efficient and environment-friendly than a printed newsletter - no printing or mailing costs. 
Which of these benefits are important to you?


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