e-mail or email?

How do you spell it? During a recent workshop with Twirp Communications, I was updating the keywords on my LinkedIn profile. After proudly doing the update quickly, Anita searched on one of my keywords. Immediately she spotted a disconnect. I had spelled 'email', but she had spelled 'e-mail' when she searched.

Now I have to admit, I'm prejudiced against hyphens. I don't know why, but I try to avoid them unless they're necessary. We had an 'internal communication' here at Daley Progress (Danielle and I talked) about it just a couple of days before the workshop and we had decided to standardize all our usage to the un-hyphenated versions of 'email' and 'enewsletters'.

How foolish of us to think that prospects and colleagues will use the search terms we want them to use!

Now we will have to re-visit all of our online content, with a view to making it more 'search friendly' - rather than about what we like. Who knew a hyphen could cause such havoc? (I knew there was a reason for me not to like them!)

So, I'm curious. Would you search 'e-mail' or 'email'? 'e-newsletters' or 'enewsletters'? Please leave a comment to let us know.


  1. HE HE HE...who knew one little comment would provide so much conversation!


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