Don't Forget Your Fans

You have 2 types of newsletter subscribers:
  1. People who are interested in your content, whether it is informational or promotional: your audience
  2. People who are interested in you and helping you succeed: your fans
Your ideal clients are the first group. Your 3 F’s - friends, family and fans - are the second group. Both types of subscribers are important. The second group will help get your message to more of the first group.
  • Make it really, really easy to share. Include tweet, like and other social media sharing buttons. Invite people to share it with friends by email and give them a link to do so.
  • Thank your fans. When your fans share your information, make sure you thank them. And, even more important, make sure you reciprocate!
  • Include a subscribe link - similar to the sidebar link for subscribing to this blog by email. Your fans will share your newsletter and their contacts will want to subscribe. Make it easy for them. Don’t make them hunt for your sign up form. You would be surprised at how many times I’ve had to do this and how many times I’ve simply given up.
While your ideal client may be the reason you have a newsletter, your fans will help make it successful.


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