The Fun of Flickr

If there is anything visual about what you do, you should be using Flickr.  It's another social media tool and a whole other community that needs to know about what you do.  (As an example, see this photo I posted last year which garnered unexpected attention for the girl who does my nails.)

When you have a free Flickr account, you can upload 2 videos and 300MB worth of photos each calendar month.  I have a Pro account which costs only $25 per year.  (And a Flickr Pro account makes a nice little gift for friends or clients!)

Flickr can be set up to integrate seamlessly with Facebook - post to Flickr and it can show up on Facebook automatically.  You can create sets and collections and slideshows and link directly to them.  You can add keywords (tags) to be found by search engines.  You even set up a profile much like on LinkedIn and Facebook.  You can comment on other posts, join or lead groups and establish a community.


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