July 7, 2011


It feels like someone was messing with my credit score this week. My domain daleyprogress.com was blacklisted. There are a couple of things about this I'd like to share.

How did it happen?
Apparently, a link to an event in one of my newsletters pointed to a domain that was blacklisted. (Or at least that's my understanding based on the little info I've been able to get.)

The immediate implication?
Do I have to check every link in my newsletter against the blacklist to prevent this from happening again? I don't really know but, wow, what a pile of work that would be!

How did I discover the problem?
The hard way! I was sending test and regular emails that weren't arriving, even to myself. I initially thought the problem was with i-Contact. They were great about pointing me in the right direction. Then I had to contact Network Solutions which hosts my domain. They were quick to investigate and 'clear my name' for me.

How can I know if it happens again?
If you search 'IP blacklist' on the web, you'll find lots of resources. I found http://www.mxtoolbox.com/ to be pretty easy to use and I signed up for 2 free email notifications. I'm going to add a 'to do' to my calendar to check on the status of my domains monthly.

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  1. The question is... have you been remembering to check the status of the domains monthly? Sounds like something I would forget!