Ask for Action

Sometimes things are easier if someone else will just tell me what to do. That way of thinking especially applies to our websites and newsletters.

Your call-to-action is critical – it’s the reason for people to contact you. Use your website and newsletter to convert contacts into leads. Once they click on your call-to-action, they fill out a form… and then they become a lead. Simple, right?

How do you get your readers to take action?
  • Use action verbs. Start your line with a verb that requests action. Create a sense of urgency and tell people what to do. Make sure images and text are clickable.
  • Don’t just say what to do, say how to do it. Instead of saying, “Buy now,” say, “Phone this number to buy now.”
  • Give visitors something of value for free. Offer relevant, informational and non-promotional items for free to readers and website visitors. Possibilities include: e-books, how-to videos, tips and tricks, best practices, free trials.
  • Make your call-to-action stand out. It should grab your readers' attention.
  • Keep your sign-up form short. Don’t scare people away once they arrive at your sign-up form. Request their email address. Don’t ask for anything else unless it is really important. Don’t put other calls-to-action on your sign-up page. Once visitors are there, you want them to sign up only, not read your blog or visit another page.
  • Place your call-to-action everywhere. Put a call-to-action on every page of your website. Also use it in blog posts, your email signature, newsletters, videos and presentations.


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