May 12, 2010

Finding Inspiration

Finding inspiration can be a challenge for frequent bloggers. One of the ways to grab relevant topics is to expand on industry surveys, white papers, scientific study results and company or government published reports. All of these forums tend to be rather dry reading and your clients could appreciate your providing an executive summary for them by taking only the relevant points and making them interesting reading. This helps your clients get all the relevant information in an easy and entertaining way right on your blog.

A word of warning is that you should not post topic series. Today’s readers will not be captured with series posts and many will be lost. Some will decide to check back when the entire series is posted and never come back. Some will decide they may not get back to finish reading and won’t start. If the topic is large enough to break it into sections when blogging, post each section independently and link them together with a wrap up post after all individual sections are posted.

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